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The sun begins to set over the Tungabhadra…

A fisherman hurries his boat, adjusts the wind against the sail –
before the night falls, he must return to his clan…

Meanwhile, the ruins begin to tell their melancholy tale –
of the passing of time and the passing of man…

The stones are silent, except, that they sing!
The stones are captives, except, they are free!

And nearby stands a Mango Tree
witness to promises and shared dreams…

Memories are made just as the lanterns glow-
etched in the lovers’ hearts, warm and slow!

The evening melts…

The river’s flow is now a mystic chant;
We meander our way through the banana plants,
watchful- lest a snake should somewhere lie!

Stars are the twinkling lights in the sky
And around us twinkle fireflies…


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381078_268358646544561_267808496599576_724181_78238512_nAdvent is here. Jemina is building her Gingerbread House and it’s awesome! Her mission is to “bake world a better place – one gingerbread house at a time!” – A deliciously noble cause, I say 🙂

The sketch is just out, check it out –>

I must admit though – I didn’t know what “Advent” was until a few days back! So, for those of you who are in the same boat as I was and were / are too lazy to click on the link – Advent is the “season of expectant waiting & preparation” starting on the 4th Sunday before Christmas and leading up to it. The progress of the preparation (such as building gingerbread houses) is tracked using Advent Calendars.

By the way, I didn’t know what a gingerbread house was, either 😛 I knew about the gingerbread man though!


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It’s been over a month already since I landed in Finland and I think it’s high time, lest the spark of enthusiasm be extinguished, that I started working to keep the promise I made to myself about capturing a log /diary / journal of my time and experiences here.

For the readers of the blog (if there are any left – that is) who don’t have the context on what I have been up to of late – I recently quit Microsoft, after five awesome years, to pursue my Master’s at the Aalto University in Finland. The program, called IDBM (International Design Business Management), is an interdisciplinary platform bringing together students, faculty & researchers from the schools of technology, economics & business and art & design.

In this (yet another) attempt to revive the blog, I hope to muse on my life and experiences in Finland – the university, the program, education but also places, people and culture.

Coming up soon: A couple of quick posts on the first impressions Smile

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This piece has been accepted and published in the January 2010 issue of Cerebration.org (Am I happy :)). To respect the publishing policies of the webzine, I am deleting the article here. The same can be accessed here.

Please read this article and other wonderful works by authors from across the globe by visiting the magazine.

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