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Dear Kitty,

You might find it silly but I couldn’t think of any other way of reaching Anne. I imagine she is somwhere in heaven, among angels and fairies (I like to think she was always one of them 🙂 ) and I’m sure she still talks her heart out to you (In fact, I kind of envy you! I wish I was in your place!). I’m writing to you in the hope that you’ll convey my message to her. You will, right?

Here I go:

“Dearest Anne,

I have some confessions to make to you today. Some personal and some otherwise!

Perhaps you already know by now – Germany was defeated in the war and some innocent people were liberated from the camps (hope it brings/brought you some relief). Your father survived and from what I know, led a good happy life. He might have never said so, but, Anne, believe me, he loved you a lot. He made sure that your wish was fulfilled and that you, his daughter, received the affection of millions, that she so deserved!

Anne, I know it’d pain you but I must tell you that we the people of this world have still not learned our lessons. The Hindus, the Muslims, the Jews and the Christians of the world continue to hate and kill each other and no one trusts no one. We all take turns at playing the ‘Nazi’. It seems the holocaust did not end with Germany’s defeat in World War II. Perhaps some of it leaked from one of those gas chambers and it seethes and simmers to this day in different parts of the world. An invisible mushroom cloud hangs above the entire planet, threatning to choke all of us to death but we continue to fuel it with hate, corruption and fascism of religion, race, culture and thought.

Going to school and getting promoted to the next grade; Enjoying delicious dinners with family; Watching the kids grow up; Reading and writing books; Listening to and creating music; discovering and inventing new things…

Why do people forgo these simple joys of life and instead turn into fanatic murderers? Why is there hate?

I have only so much an answer as perhaps you did, but I do have something precious that you have given me  (and perhaps the millions, who now know you) – your innocent courage and vivacity in the face of adversity has given us hope! For two years in that annexe, with your courage and spirit, you fought an entire hysterical, war-obsessed, brute humanity. They killed and wounded millions but they couldn’t touch the child in you. That child continues to inspire and spread cheer in the world despite everything. I wanted to tell you this beacuse I knew it’d make you happy and proud and I’m glad I could make you smile.

Anne, you are a beautiful person and the more I come to know you everyday (I’m still reading your diary and I don’t really want to finish reading it! I don’t want it to end!), the more I wonder how things would have been had I been in the secret annexe with you! Perhaps we would have played and studied together (of course, you would beat me too at short hand 🙂 ). Perhaps I would have hugged you close to my heart whenever you felt sad or afraid. (Not that I wouldn’t have been afraid myself, but together we could have been each other’s strength!).

Perhaps I am falling in love with you! With your childlike innocence, with your honest emotions, with your undying hope and faith in goodness. Yes, I am falling in Love with you!




Thanks Kitty 🙂

Miep and Bep and everyone else who risked their lives to help their friends and strangers – people like you are the ones who keep faith in a saner humanity alive amidst all this madness. Thanks.


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