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Here’s a very good read on “behind the scenes” making of the global financial crisis we are in today and how it all started with the U.S. home loans market and spiralled into a worldwide phenomena.

On a different note, I believe this whole crisis and the recent happenings have removed all doubts, confusion and hesitation, if there were any, about the rules of the game in the “Flat” world we live in today.

I can no longer ignore or be oblivious to what happens in a remote part of the world, 12 hours away from me, because whether or not I can earn my daily bread depends on that!

So, now that our fates and lives are so closely entwined, can’t we, as citizens of the world, use this as an opportunity to come together and resolve not only the current financial problems but also the problems that mar humanity once and for all – poverty, hunger, illiteracy, global warming, terrorism…

Perhaps this is our chance?


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