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The sun begins to set over the Tungabhadra…

A fisherman hurries his boat, adjusts the wind against the sail –
before the night falls, he must return to his clan…

Meanwhile, the ruins begin to tell their melancholy tale –
of the passing of time and the passing of man…

The stones are silent, except, that they sing!
The stones are captives, except, they are free!

And nearby stands a Mango Tree
witness to promises and shared dreams…

Memories are made just as the lanterns glow-
etched in the lovers’ hearts, warm and slow!

The evening melts…

The river’s flow is now a mystic chant;
We meander our way through the banana plants,
watchful- lest a snake should somewhere lie!

Stars are the twinkling lights in the sky
And around us twinkle fireflies…


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