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Benazir Bhutto has been shot dead in pakistan just 2 hours ago.

While all the stakeholders including US and India seem to be shocked at the moment, shock is more of a first reaction to an event of such significance. For, if one thinks about it, its not at all difficult to judge how predictable this eventuality was.

Those who have watched Beowulf recently, or are aware of the legend, will, I am sure, definetly be able to relate to the moral, both – immediately in the present context as well as in a broader perspective – The monsters you create today will come back to haunt you!

If the historians and the laureates of tommorow chose to narrate ‘Beowulf’ in context of our era, they would find ample illustrations to create their legend around!

Pakistan and Taliban, America and Osama, India and LTTE.

So today, when a wailing Aasma Jehangir pleads, “Will the world wake up now?”, however heart-wrenching her cry be, when sentiments subside and sense gets some space, there will arise questions which she, Musharaf, US, India, you and I will need to answer!

Is this is not the destiny that we, the citizens of this world, chose for ourselves? Even today, before trusting our ‘Heroes’ who claim they’ll slay the monster, are we making sure that they will not give in to the temptation?


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