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This is getting creepy. Almost all the time Linked-In is suggesting names of people that I actually do know but I have no idea how they can figure it out. These people are not in my immediate or even second degree network. I have not uploaded my contacts from gmail or any other address book. How do they know then?

A lot of people seem to be asking the same question on blogs and forums but so far I haven’t seen anyone from Linked-In dropping even a hint of how they do it. Some really smart data-mining and AI? I’ll be glad if it’s that (and in that case Linked-In will go right at the top of my ‘The places to work for’ list). But what if they are somehow accessing some data which they shouldn’t be.. at least not without asking me?

I’ll try to dig deeper into this.

[P.S. Manas, just suggested that these people might actually have uploaded their address books. Very possible. At least I didn’t think of this possibility (I’m dumber than I think :P). I’ll try to cross check.]



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