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TDP has announced it’s plans to protest and even clash with the police during Sonia Gandhi’s visit to the new airport at Shamshabad today. Reason: They want the airport to be named after ‘N.T. Rama Rao’ instead of ‘Rajiv Gandhi’ as a mark of Telugu pride!

Some time back, a completed stretch of the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway remained unused for want of a formal inauguration by some political big-wig until the media highlighted the issue and the scale of public inconvenience (and productivity loss) being caused due to it.

Building airports, roads, schools and colleges and other public infrastructure and amenities is government’s job. We the taxpayers, pay them for it. That is why they earn their salaries.

In a democracy, leaders of people are appointed to that role at the pleasure of the masses. They are not Kings and Queens. Hence, while they may expect to be praised and rewarded if they do their jobs well, they are not eligible for glory just for being a Chief Minister or a Prime Minister!  

Microsoft will not name a software after me, however well I code it! Yes, they might promote and reward me, but that’s about it! On the other hand, I’d definetly get kicked-out if I fail to deliver on my commitments without a genuine reason. 

Why don’t then, we see these people being kicked-out for delayed projects, loss of valuable public time and money?

Construction of the new airport at hyderabad is not a favor that any political party, whether TDP or Congress has bestowed upon us. It is a public facility which is paid-for by us, the people of India. Lets just call it ‘Hyderabad International Airport’.


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