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Why can’t I charge my mobile and listen to the music stored on it simultaneously?

For that matter, why can’t Sony Ericsson provide a separate standard 3.5mm stereo socket instead of forcing me to use an extension cord with the stupid ‘all-accessories-go-in-here’ socket that they provide on their phones?

(Which, in any case, starts sucking after about an year of use such that you need to hold the charger at wierd angles to charge the phone! And this is not a one off case – its a fairly common problem with all the sony ericsson phones I and some of my friends have used till date. That means at least 5 different models. In tech-speak, it’s a fairly consistent repro!)

I love the Joystick control and the sound quality of my walkman phone (I’d rate it at least at par with the i-pod on sound quality) but I guess these irritants have got the better of me. My next phone, most likely, won’t be a sony 😦

Sony! you are about to lose a loyal customer!


My current phone is a W700i. This is my second sony. The last one, which I had all through my college, was a T230 – my first mobile ever.


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