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Indic transliteration is another product (after search and gmail) from Google which has all the characteristics (you can argue about my choice of criteria but then this is my blog 😉 ) of brilliant software – No frills, doesn’t attempt to do a lot of things but does what it is supposed to do really well.

One, it’s fast. It doesn’t make you realize that it’s running in the cloud and not on your box. More importantly however, I was amazed by the accuracy of transliteration. Don’t believe me when I say it’s really really good, try it! (At least the Hindi transliteration works super, I can’t comment on other languages)

I tried being smart by throwing different ‘potential’ english representations of the words but it recognized almost all of them without any pains. Comparing it to some other transliteration softwares I have used in the past, I would rate this way above any of them.

Kudos and thanks to Google for this 🙂


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